Continuing Education Requirements for Orthodontist Certification

Maintaining orthodontist certification requires licensees to complete continuing education (CE) requirements. The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry accepts proof of CE through CE Broker, which allows licensees to keep track of their progress and avoid random CE audits. All CE requirements are found in chapter 16 of the Board Regulations. Additionally, dentists must complete a minimum of 15 hours of CE related to opioid management for each annual license renewal, except for the first renewal after the initial license and for any renewal of a restricted volunteer license.

Licensees must verify compliance with CE requirements when renewing their annual license and must provide original documents certifying that they have met their CE requirements if selected for auditing. All licensees must keep original documents that verify the date and topic of the program or activity, the sponsor, and the amount of time spent for a period of four years after renewal. If a licensee has allowed their license to expire, or whose license has been suspended or revoked, they must submit proof of having completed CE equal to the requirements for the number of years in which their license has not been active, without exceeding a total of 45 hours. Of the hours required, at least 15 must have been accumulated in the last 12 months and the rest within the 36 months prior to the application for reinstatement. Continuing education hours required by order of the board will not be used to meet the CE requirement for license renewal or reinstatement.

Failure to comply with CE requirements may subject the licensee to disciplinary action by the board. In addition to meeting CE requirements, dentists must maintain their current training certificate in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation with practical respiratory training for health professionals or basic life support, unless before 18VAC60-21-290 or 18VAC60-21-300 they are required to have a current certificate in advanced life support with simulated practical training on the respiratory tract and megacodes for health professionals.

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