Are You Eligible for Maintaining Your Orthodontic Certification in Your State?

Are you wondering if you are eligible for maintaining your orthodontic certification in your state? To find out, you need to learn about the requirements for dental assistants in your state. Research the positions, exams, education pathways, and tasks that are allowed. You may be asking why the “Susie” license expires one year (or months) after yours, even though you both obtained them at the same time. The answer lies in the “When does my license expire” section.

Unless you and “Susie” were born in the same month, your licenses will expire in different months. If “Susie” was born in an odd year and you in an even year, they will expire in different years. If you are in the certification process and have three or more cases “on file”, you have two options for completing the board certification process. Renewing your certification is a great way to stay up to date on the latest technologies and reevaluate your approach and critical case evaluation.

It also demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and mastery of orthodontics. Furthermore, all orthodontists now have the ability to go through the certification process regardless of their practice environment and where they are in their career.

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