Do I Need to Pass a Board Exam to Become an Orthodontist or Maintain My Certification?

Are you interested in becoming an orthodontist or maintaining your orthodontic certification? If so, you must first pass the national dental board exam and meet the state licensing requirements in the state where you plan to practice. Additionally, if you have completed the ADEX dental license exams in a jurisdiction other than Florida, you must dedicate yourself to practicing dentistry full-time within the geographical limits of that state within one year of receiving your license. If you have completed the ADEX dental license exams in a jurisdiction other than Florida and the scores are more than 365 days old, you must submit a Full Credential Review Application for Graduates of Non-Accredited Dental Colleges or Schools to the Board office. The Board office will then notify the Commission on Dental Competency Evaluations (CDCA) of your eligibility to schedule clinical exams and the 26% Rules of Florida Laws.

Once you have completed all required exams, you can download a license application from the Resources page or apply online. You must also submit payment via online payment, certified check, or money order made payable to the Florida Department of Health. All initial licenses expire on February 28 of the following even-numbered year. In addition to passing exams and meeting licensing requirements, orthodontists must also take continuing education courses in order to maintain their licenses.

The renewal of certification provides an opportunity for board-certified orthodontists to pursue continuing education, stay up to date on the latest technology, and reevaluate their approach and critical case evaluation. Examinees in the certification process who have three or more cases “on file” have two options for completing the board certification process. Board certification is a rigorous voluntary achievement and not all orthodontists choose to pursue it. Beyond education and licensing requirements, only one-third of orthodontists choose to complete board certification.

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