How Long Does it Take to Become an Orthodontist?

Becoming an orthodontist is a long and arduous process, but the rewards are worth it. After completing the necessary exams, an orthodontist can obtain board certification for a limited period of time. To maintain their certification status, they must renew it every 10 years. Orthodontists can work in private practice, academic institutions, or community clinics.

Private practice orthodontists tend to have the most benefits, followed by academic orthodontists and then those at community clinics. Associate orthodontists have fewer administrative responsibilities, while proprietary orthodontists combine clinical and commercial aspects of the practice. All orthodontists are dentists and have a dental license, but not all dentists are orthodontists. Craniofacial orthodontists usually earn less than general orthodontists as they focus more on craniofacial syndromes than on common orthodontic treatments. To become a full-fledged orthodontist, students must understand how many years it takes to become one and actively participate in training the next generation. Orthodontists treat problems that can have medical implications such as speech problems or gum disease.

They also treat patients for cosmetic reasons. Orthodontists use Monster to search for jobs across the country or to limit their search to places with the highest demand for them. To become an orthodontist, students must complete a four-year undergraduate degree, followed by four years of dental school and two to three years of residency in an accredited program. After successfully completing these exams, the orthodontist has officially obtained board certification, for a limited period of time.

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